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Our commitment to excellence ensures that athletes of all levels enjoy the ultimate playing experience on fields designed for peak performance and safety.

Sports Field Turf

At Elite Residential Turf, we understand that every sport has its unique demands, which is why our sport field turf installation services are tailored to meet the specific needs of each athletic activity. From soccer and football to baseball and lacrosse, our synthetic turf fields offer consistent playing surfaces that mimic the best natural grass fields in both look and feel, without the extensive maintenance. Our sports turf is designed to withstand heavy use and all types of weather conditions, ensuring your athletes can perform at their best, anytime.

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Elite Residential Turf

Choosing Elite Residential Turf for your sports field turf needs means selecting a leader among turf field companies in Westchester. Our dedication to quality, innovation, and safety sets us apart. We use only the highest-grade materials, ensuring our turf stands up to the rigorous demands of sports play while offering superior comfort and safety for players. Our team of experts is involved in every step of the process, from design and planning to installation and maintenance, guaranteeing your project’s success.


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Are you ready to elevate your sports facility with the top choice for turf field companies in Westchester? Elite Residential Turf is here to bring your project to life. Our team is eager to discuss your specific needs and how we can create a custom sports turf solution that exceeds your expectations.
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